The Story – 2012/12/06

The 21 days of the China trip, described by color it was a mixture of Black and Red. Black is inside of part of me has dead, red is the action of my little universe has exploded in my brain.

my second day in China, I found out that my grandfather has passed away in July 5th, 2008. When I heard the OLD news from my nefew (a 7 years old boy), I felt like I heard about someone else’s story, someone else’s grandfather has passed away. And then a few seconds later, I connected this "Someone Else" was actually myself. I have lost my grandfather, one of the person who I have spent the most of my life with, the person who had raised me since I was 2 years old, the person who were be my actual father, the person who I though I would died for him when I was a teen. The person who are so so special to me that I could not bear to live without.