Finally, I found the holy grail book for true beginners

After reading lots and lots reviews online, I took another chance to purchase my third instruction book – Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive, 4th Edition. With a very skeptical attitude, I have found the holy grail instruction book. This is the book every beginner should read. It teaches you to overcome the symbolism shortcoming of every adult has, and teaches you to really “see” the world in the artist way. I have been able to make dramatic progress by following the instructions and doing every assignments. If you only have money for one book, this is the book to get!

Before I started my training, I have done the following drawings to record my skill level at the time:

I will record all my learning processes in my future posts. And then comparing the end results with this post to see if I truly improved my drawing skills. More to come.

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