Helpless [无奈]

(October 15, 2013)


明明知道不会有答案,我还是一直在不停的问自己“为什么?” 。
就永远的活在我的心里吧,和我一起一直的活下去 。。。
One late autumn night, the disciple awoke crying. So the master asked the disciple, “Did you have a nightmare?” “No.” “Did you have a sad dream?” “No,” said the disciple. “I had a sweet dream.” “Then why are you crying so sadly?” The disciple wiped his tears away and quietly answered, “Because the dream I had can’t come true.”
一个秋天的夜晚,小和尚哭着醒来。师傅问他,“你做了一个噩梦,所以才哭泣吗?” 小和尚答道,“不是的。” 师傅又问道,“那么,你做了一个悲伤的梦吗?” 小和尚又答道, “不是的,我做了一个甜蜜的梦。” 师傅问道,“那么,你为什么哭得这么伤心呢?” 小和尚一边擦着他的眼泪,一边悲伤地答道,“因为我知道这个甜蜜的梦永远都不会实现。” 
A disciple asked his master, “Do the leaves flow or is it the wind?” His master replied, “No, it is the heart and the mind.” 
一个小和尚问他的师傅,“是叶子在动,还是风在动?” 师傅说,“不是叶子也不是风,而是你的心动了。” 
Sleepless Nights  – Eddie Vedder

Through the sleepless nights I cry for you
And wonder who, is kissing you
Oh these sleepless nights will break my heart in two

Somehow through the days I don’t give in
I hide the tears that wait within
Oh but then through sleepless nights I cry again

Why did you go? Why did you go?
Don’t you know, don’t you know
I need you?

I keep hoping you’ll come back to me
Oh let it be, please let it be
Oh my love, please end these sleepless nights for me  
 Goodbye – Eddie Vedder
I’ve got our love to remember 

That will never change 

I have you in my head 

And no, I’ll never hold you 

And I’m still asking why 

I guess that this is goodbye 

My dreams suddenly seem so empty 

I could go on my own, but I feel like playin’ dead 

And for what feels like the first time 

I don’t know where you are tonight 

I guess that this is goodbye 

We lived half our lives together 

A Cloud full of tears,it’s a lot of weight to bear 

And the sun, it may be shining 

There’s an ocean in my eyes 

Cause I know that this is goodbye 

Cause I know that this… is goodbye 

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