Cooking – the invisible connection

Cooking has become one of my beloved hobbies. I used to be a girl that didn’t even know how to fry an egg. Mostly because my grandmother had been taking great care of me, and cooked very tasty food for me every single day. This made me become very lazy, however, it also made me became a foodie. When I moved to US, without having a job at the beginning, cooking actually helped me to kill time, gain a little bit of self confidence, and also satisfy my taste buds. Slowly I discovered the joys of cooking and the responses that I got from my family also made me enjoy it even more. Cooking is not just cooking anymore. It is part of the memories – the invisible connection which connects my grandmother with me, my husband with me, and now my daughter with me. The chain of love and caring!  I hope Kristianna will miss my cooking when she goes to college in the future.

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